Wednesday, November 8, 2017

ITGs ABCs: Enemy Ace v. Balloon Buster in Star Spangled War Stories #s 181-183 (Aug.-Dec. 1974)

In this episode of ITGs ABCs, I'll be having a look at a 3-part back-up story from Star-Spangled War Stories #s 181-183 featuring the 1st confrontation between 2 of DC Comics' WWI battle stars, Hans Von Hammer, the Enemy Ace & Steve Savage the Balloon Buster!

I covered the 3 chapters of this serial in blog format HERE, HERE & HERE, but I like to circle back to the inspirations for this project from time to time, so I hope you enjoy the audioblog version &:

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Music in this episode: 'I Ain't Got Weary Yet!' by Arthur Fields

A decidedly Kubert-esque look to Von Hammer, I think, as he pulls down his goggles

Von Hammer, straight as a rod; Savage, a bit more relaxed

Renowned house guest Steve Savage's break w/ decorum - the ultimate insult to someone like Hans Von Hammer

The falling, flaming carcass of a zeppelin becomes the setting of a showdown

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