Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ms. Tree Theatre - Ms. Tree Special #10 (1992)

This time out, I'll be test-driving a new feature called 'Ms. Tree Theatre' which will recap & recall the adventures of hard-boiled private investigator Ms. Michael Tree.  Created by mystery writer Max Allan Collins and illustrator Terry Beatty, Ms. Tree had a long running series published by a number of independent comics companies, and finished out her comics career with a run of 10 quarterlies/specials published by DC Comics.

Along with special guest Professor Alan Middleton of the Relatively Geeky Podcast Network, I'll be taking a look at Ms. Tree Special #10, which to date, has been Ms. Tree's last comics appearance.

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This episode is part of a x-over with Relatively Geeky, so be sure to check out, the Quarter Bin Podcast #76, on which I join the Professor to talk about Ms. Tree Special #9.

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Theme created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran.  A short clip of 'Theme From Ms. Tree' by Cruisin' was used during the show closing.

The action proper begins with a murder by a mysterious 'negatively colored' Ms. Tree

An amazing coincidence - nemesis/collaborator Don Donnie Muerta shows up in Vietnam

A shocking revelation

Bloody finale

Technically a success, Ms. Tree's final case was a mess

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reboot Review 14: Legion of Super-Heroes #72 & Legionnaires #29 (Sept. 1995)

Reboot Review is back after a few months' hiatus to begin a recap of the 2nd year of the Legion of Super-Heroes!  This time out we'll be having a look at Legion of Super-Heroes #72 & Legionnaires #29, which feature a eulogy, of sorts, for victims of the White Triangle war, and the re-introduction of an important character from Legion history!

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Theme created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran

A crowd gathers to mourn

Tease for old Legion fans - Brande affectionately refers to Cham as 'Son'

Uncharacteristic Cosmic Boy

Insectoid, slightly feminine redesign for an old Legion foe

Mini x-over with Guy Gardner: Warrior

Injected in the forehead with radioactive liquid gold (ouch!)

Bright as the sun, boy!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Shanna Showcase 15: Spidey Super Stories #35 (Sept. 1978)

Shanna Showcase is back with a look at Shanna's team-up with Spider-Man in Spidey Super Stories #35.  SSS was a title aimed squarely at younger readers, and the stories in this issue are particularly silly - and in the grand scheme of things, pretty inessential Shanna reading.  But I'm a total completist, so if you are, too . . .

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Also, I've inserted a promo this time out, for a great new show Xenozoic Xenophiles, so be sure to check that out!

Theme created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran.

Them what prints the news together, does their banking together

Them what saves a bank together, holds up traffic together

The animals choose - Shanna!

Comedy no-brainer - Spidey in an ape suit

From a story called 'The Godmother' - should have been called 'WTF?!'

2 panels and some Hitchcock humor that justify this story's existence