Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ms. Tree Theatre - Ms. Tree Special #10 (1992)

This time out, I'll be test-driving a new feature called 'Ms. Tree Theatre' which will recap & recall the adventures of hard-boiled private investigator Ms. Michael Tree.  Created by mystery writer Max Allan Collins and illustrator Terry Beatty, Ms. Tree had a long running series published by a number of independent comics companies, and finished out her comics career with a run of 10 quarterlies/specials published by DC Comics.

Along with special guest Professor Alan Middleton of the Relatively Geeky Podcast Network, I'll be taking a look at Ms. Tree Special #10, which to date, has been Ms. Tree's last comics appearance.

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This episode is part of a x-over with Relatively Geeky, so be sure to check out, the Quarter Bin Podcast #76, on which I join the Professor to talk about Ms. Tree Special #9.

Scroll down to see a few images from . . . Special #10 below, and check out previous episodes of I'm the Gun on iTunes.

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Theme created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran.  A short clip of 'Theme From Ms. Tree' by Cruisin' was used during the show closing.

The action proper begins with a murder by a mysterious 'negatively colored' Ms. Tree

An amazing coincidence - nemesis/collaborator Don Donnie Muerta shows up in Vietnam

A shocking revelation

Bloody finale

Technically a success, Ms. Tree's final case was a mess


Terry Beatty said...

Haven't listened to your podcast -- but thanks for paying attention to my old work, whatever you think of it. As for me -- I'm just cringing over the terrible head to body proportion errors in that last bit of my art you posted...! I must've been really rushed, tired or sick the day I drew that!

Mark Sweeney said...

Terry, thanks for taking the time to write! I know that cringing feeling when looking at old work. We didn't go into any deep analysis of the artwork for this issue, but I will say, having read much of the entirety of Ms. Tree's adventures in a relatively short time, I really enjoyed watching the evolution of your work.

I really dig your style in the later DC quarterlies - characters' features seem broader, and inked lines look heavier - I assume it's quality would hold up in B & W (I'd love to see this run reproduced that way) as well as it does in Eric Kachelhofer's colors.

If you ever do get around to listening to the podcast, please know that this episode was a labor of love.

By the way, how crazy is it that we'll soon be seeing Wild Dog on the TV?!

roth phallyka said...

tired or sick the day I drew that!