Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reboot Review 14: Legion of Super-Heroes #72 & Legionnaires #29 (Sept. 1995)

Reboot Review is back after a few months' hiatus to begin a recap of the 2nd year of the Legion of Super-Heroes!  This time out we'll be having a look at Legion of Super-Heroes #72 & Legionnaires #29, which feature a eulogy, of sorts, for victims of the White Triangle war, and the re-introduction of an important character from Legion history!

Download this episode HERE!

Scroll down to take a look at some images from these issues, and be sure to check out previous Reboot Reviews on iTunes!

Theme created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran

A crowd gathers to mourn

Tease for old Legion fans - Brande affectionately refers to Cham as 'Son'

Uncharacteristic Cosmic Boy

Insectoid, slightly feminine redesign for an old Legion foe

Mini x-over with Guy Gardner: Warrior

Injected in the forehead with radioactive liquid gold (ouch!)

Bright as the sun, boy!

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