Thursday, August 22, 2019

New Mission!


But after 3 decades of pouring money, time, megabytes, brain real estate (& more money) into fine tuning a carefully curated comic book collection, I find myself with most of my missions accomplished, and, for once, without any major collecting goals - but one!  While the outlook of acquiring that copy of Star Spangled Comics #69 remains highly doubtful, the slightly more realistic task of finding good homes for 'my babies' may just be within my reach!

That's right, (can't believe I'm typing this) I've decided to invest in my family's future by selling my comic book collection.  So . . . I've gone through & performed the once unthinkable task of attaching a 'value' to each of my comic books.  In the interest of transparency: I've always used a popular online comics seller as a market price guide for my collection; in assigning values to my books, I've used that seller's prices as a starting point . . . and just started slashing.  Most of the books can be organized into a couple of different categories - there are THOUSANDS of books I'll stick in the Virtual $1.00 Box; there are dozens of TPBs to be had for $5.00 each; hundreds more moderately priced books at the $5.00 price point; and the rest are priced as marked in a Google spreadsheet that I'll gladly share with each interested party reading this - by request.

I've decided to go this route before the inevitable online listings, as I hope those reading this would make likeliest candidates to adopt a few well-loved comic books.  If you think you're such a candidate, please get in touch with me via email, Twitter or Instagram, and I'll share the details!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to be sharing my collection with you soon!

(A note about grading: I'll state the obligatory 'I'm not a professional grader, yada, yada, yada . . .' but have tried to be honest & in many cases conservative in judging condition; please inquire about specific books of interest, & I'll be happy to share more detailed descriptions and/or photos)

(A note about pricing: I stand by the prices listed.  At this point in my de-accession process I don't have the skill, time, or inclination to haggle, though I will make the concession of eating the continental US shipping cost for those spending $50 or more.  While I realize it's possible to come across better bargains out in the real world, I honestly think there are some deals - and perhaps even some steals - to be found in this collection)