Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Shanna Showcase 19: X-Men Unlimited #48 (July 2003)

This episode of Shanna Showcase sees Marvel Comics' greatest jungle queen out of the 90s & into the 'Aughts!'  So, you 'ought' to check out recap & commentary of Shanna's co-starring role with Wolverine in the lead story of X-Men Unlimited #48 with good looking painted art by Richard Isanove & script by old friend of Shanna & Ka-Zar the Savage alum, Bruce Jones!

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Music in this episode: 'Love Dance' by Martin Denny

Shanna introduces herself with her own particular brand of 'Sweet Chin Music'

Richard Isanove's expressive faces remind me more than a little bit of Shawn McManus' work

Wolverine cracks the case

'Old?' Well, Shanna has been slapping around punks like Logan since 1972

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