Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy Halloween, Dr. Thirteen! Star Spangled Comics #129 (June 1952)

Mid-October means it's time for another annual episode of Happy Halloween, Dr. Thirteen!  In this installment, I'll be recapping & commenting on one of the Surgeon of Skepticism's original adventures from the tail end of the golden age, 'The Human Orchids,' in issue #129 of Star Spangled Comics!

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Music in this episode: 'Gardenia' by Iggy Pop

The magnificence of the Human Orchid sends Marie to the couch - attended by Doc Will Magnus (?)

Caught unaware by Senor Garitza

The Incredible Hulk - in desperate need of a sandwich

Senor Garitza complies with the Octopus Cactus' request: 'FEED ME!'

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