Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Where's the Trade? Karl Kesel's Daredevil (1996-1997)

On this episode, I rhetorically as the question 'Where's the Trade?' of writer Karl Kesel's run on Daredevil from the mid-90s.  In my mind, this run was a 'back to basics' approach to a character who was at the time in desperate need of it.  In addition to speaking generally about the run, I'll be recapping & commenting on my favorite issue from this run, Daredevil #360 in which our hero takes on the menace of the Absorbing Man!

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DD's senses perceive Creel's switch from brick to cold metal

A refreshingly understated revelation tucked at the bottom of the page

Love the way Nord/Ryan's cowl hugs DD's face

Is this an artistic tribute? I sense a Hulk/Thor battle referenced here

Crusher Creel, ancient statue


Justin said...

Your history with this run, even the discovery of it, mirrors my own. I was often fascinated by hornhead but found earlier books to dark. Then I discovered issue 352 (which takes place an issue before the start of this run) It is also a fun if odd one shot sort of issue. While I don't disagree with your assessment that Kesel's chunk of the series is light-hearted. It could also be brutal. DD was often in over his head. I can remember an issue featuring the Enforcers where Kesel goes into great detail over the injuries that a chained and beaten DD had suffered. I would love to see Kesel and Nord on a series again, I think of them both as immense talents

This run made me a fan, and made Daredevil my favorite character, but I don't collect the title or read it all that often. While I love this little pocket in time for the character, I find it has passed for most fans. They prefer Miller, Bendis or Brubaker (or perhaps Soule) and while I enjoy those runs they simply can't hold a candle to this 12 issue arc for me.

Silly as it might be I find this similar to my love for Raphael. I absolutely love the Rob Paulsen 80s cartoon take, but you won't find that little to anywhere else, and most die-hard fans prefer the darker version. So, I also have a favorite turtle that I enjoy immensely and yet rarely seek out. Because most of the time the character is a stark contrast.

Mark Sweeney said...

Yes, good point! Kesel's run wasn't ALL laughs, but I guess just *seems* so 'light-hearted' in contrast to everything else - I could have done a better job pointing that out.

I totally understand & appreciate your comparison between DD & the Ninja Turtles - thanks for taking the time to write, Justin!