Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween, Dr. Thirteen! Star Spangled Comics #s 123-124 (Dec. 1951 - Jan. 1952)

I could not let October slip by without recording another annual episode of Happy Halloween, Dr. Thirteen!  This time out, however, you'll be getting not a single serving, but a DOUBLE DOSE of THIRTEEN THRILLERS!  I'll be recapping & commenting on two of the Scholar of Skepticism's original adventures from the tail end of the golden age, 'The Dolls of Doom' & 'The Suicide Tower' from issue #s 123 & 124 of Star Spangled Comics!

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Music in this episode: Star Collector by The Monkees/The Tower that Ate People by Peter Gabriel

Breaking & entering: a couple of Dr. 13's many skills

Terrence ups the stakes, forcing the bad guy's hand (and confession)

The curse of Oaxa claims its 1st victima

Mesmerized at the top of Suicide Tower, Dr. 13's force of will (& cigarette lighter) bring him back to full alert

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