Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Best Event Ever! Underworld Unleashed #2 (Dec. 1995)

ITG is back with another participatory episode in this year's #BestEventEver blog/podcast team-up!  For the past 3 years, a loose confederation of comics bloggers & podcasters has gotten together to jam on one of DC Comics' annual x-over events - and this year, we've decided to dig deep into 1995's Underworld Unleashed!

The UU story, which shined a light on the villains of the DCU, ran through a 3 issue core mini series & over 40 tie-ins throughout the DC line.  On this episode, I'll be recapping issue #2 of Underworld Unleashed, in which Neron momentarily turns his gaze away from the villains, and instead focuses on DC's greatest heroes!

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Music used in this episode: (Every Day Is) Halloween by Ministry; Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers 

Leave it to the Joker to sell his soul for a box of cigars . . .

Neron tempts Superboy . . . with a red herring

This sort of wide-screen epic violence would prefigure Howard Porter's upcoming run on JLA

This scan really doesn't do justice to the neon green of the captured 'soul stuff'

Some big names . . . and some crowd-scene fillers. Hey, I think I see Argus!

The shadow of Neron's true form flickering platonically on a cave wall

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