Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ms. Tree Theatre: Eclipse Magazine #s 1 - 3 (May-Nov. 1981)

I've been thinking hard, lately, about reviving this neglected feature - and now it's time to put thought into action!  In this new Ms. Tree Theatre, I'll be recapping & commenting on the 1st 3 installments of the Eclipse Magazine story arc that introduced Max Allan Collins' & Terry Beatty's iconic private investigator, Ms. Michael Tree! 

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Intro/outro music: 'Theme From Ms. Tree' by Cruisin'

Prophetic words on a honeymoon

-- and I believe her

First kill

The value of a name: this Mary Worth has no good advice

What secrets are held in the little black book?



Anj said...

I don't have much to add to a Ms. Tree discussion unfortunately. That said, the pages you posted are beautiful and could be storyboards for a film noir.

But Robotech hair styles? This I could talk at length about. I was always a Lisa Hayes guy; not a Minmei fan. And her original hairdo, the large cascading 'cinnamon rolls' over the shoulder were a fave of mine. I had nothing but high high high hopes for Robotech II The Sentinels. But Lisa's wonky hair was the least of my concerns with that show. It just didn't live up to the original.

My favorite Robotech character was Dana Sterling. One might even say she was my Robotech crush, if such a thing exists. Her hairstyle seems like a dollop of whipped cream, nothing fashionable really. But it was who she was that endeared her to me.

Mark Sweeney said...

I'm a Lisa man, myself! Sentinels - I own a VHS copy - but I rarely revisit it - unlike the original series, which gets a reviewing every couple of years (Dana's a doll!).

As far as hairstyles, between Zor's billowing smoke & Rick's pinwheel mop top, there's a lot to discuss!

Relatively Geeky said...

I love the revamped Ms Tree heading for the site. Epic!

Mark Sweeney said...

Thanks! I think it works well, too!