Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Reboot Review 18: Legion of Super-Heroes #75 & Legionnaires #32 (Dec. 1995)

On this episode of Reboot Review, I'll be providing a recap and commentary to the 2 Legion-related issues tying into DC Comics' 1995 line-wide x-over event, Underworld Unleashed!

21 years ago, the villains of the DCU were unleashed (as the name suggests) on the earth - and on the timestream!  This event - where heroes took on some unfamiliar foes - provided some interesting match-ups, not the least of which was the Legion facing off against old Atom enemy, Chronos!

In these issues we also see the (near) return of the timelost XS, and the introduction of a couple of important supporting characters.  If you're so inclined:

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XS -plucked from the timestream

Underworld Unleashed - in a nutshell

Simultaneous events, 1000 years apart - not easy to follow, or describe on a podcast

Lori Morning - all growed up

Chroniac 5

Oooh, Saturn Girl - if looks could kill

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