Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where's the Trade? Jonny Quest (1986)

This time out, I'm revisiting a feature from when I'm the Gun was strictly a blog called 'Where's the Trade?'  There's a ton of great uncollected material out there, for one reason or another, and this feature asks the titular question.

I don't admit to having any answers to this question, this feature is merely just a way to highlight a title or run of issues that I'm particularly excited about - in this case, I'll be talking about the Jonny Quest series, published by Comico back in the mid-80s.

This series had a lot going for it, not the least of which was a great creative team, led by writer William Messner-Loebs, and at least for the title's 1st year, or so, a rotation of artists that reads like a Who's Who of the best illustrators in comics.

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A portrait of Judith Quest

If only Race knew what he was in for . . .

This gets me choked up . . .

Race has had it with the airlines . . .


Joseph Crawford said...

Really enjoyed this episode. I read a couple of these as a kid and have meant to revisit it. The issue that you read sounded fabulous. With Future Quest out (which this episode has just inspired me to order the first trade) maybe DC will get around to this. Probably not, but they did publish the Robotech reprint digests. (Cool that you like that series, our TV stations in Georgia didn't have the show, so the comics is how I knew the story). Looking at, only a couple are out of my comfort range, so I might just start picking them up as issues.
BTW, a couple of years ago on FCBD, I picked up the first 8 or so issues of Elfquest (the Epic versions) and quite liked them. That book is out there in so many iterations I bet you could try it pretty cheap (mine were 10 cents an issue).
Thanks for the great show,
Joe Crawford

Mark Sweeney said...

I had one issue each of JQ & Robotech as a kid. Honestly, back then, neither made an impression on me - I hadn't yet developed an appreciation for JQ at all, and Robotech, while obsessing over the show at the time, didn't really care for straight comics adaptations (still don't, for the most part). It's funny how you followed the Robotech narrative through the comics - not sure how old you were back then, but what a strange story for me to be hooked on as a 9-10 year old. Essentially a cartoon about love (yuck!) w/ some pretty complicated sci-fi dressing. At one point the complete saga was only available through the novelization - not sure if you've read those, but I'd definitely recommend them.

BTW, I had no idea DC put out those Robotech digest collections, though - it does keep the possibility open for Jonny Quest reprints!

Thanks for writing, Joseph, I appreciate your continued support!

roth phallyka said...

I might just start picking them up as issues.