Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Air Fighters: Valkyrie! (1987)

I have been absolutely itchin' to cover another aviator here on I'm the Gun - and a recent Eclipse Comics reading binge has given me just the excuse I needed to talk about Golden Age/80s revial fighter ace, Valkyrie!

In this episode I'll be recapping the 3-issue Valkyrie(!) mini-series from 1987 written by Chuck Dixon and gorgeously illustrated by Paul Gulacy & Willie Blyberg.

Download HERE!

One of the great things about this mini-series was a pin-up section in the back of each issue - below I'll reproduce a handful of those illustrations (by the likes of Brian Bolland, Bruce Jones, Steve Leialoha & more), as well as a couple choice Gulacy pages from the story.

Theme created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran,

The quiet power of Paul Gulacy - Steelfox arrives on the scene

Introducing the new Black Angel

Steelfox derails Valkyrie's escape attempt

Chilling epilogue: Misery claims another pilot
Pinup section! Illustrations by Fred Kida, Steve Leialoha, Brian Bolland, William Stout, Bruce Jones, and Bo Hampton & Tom Yeates.

And final bonus - Valkyrie paper doll by Trina Robbins!

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