Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Famous 1st Edition - My First Comic: Super-Villain Classics #1 (May 1983)

Do you remember your 1st comic?  Mine was Super-Villain Classics #1 published by Marvel Comics featuring the origin of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds!

I didn't realize it at the time, but this one-off issue was cobbled together from pieces of older comics (mostly by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby), and assembled to present a definitive chronology of Galactus' earliest days.  This comic didn't make me a huge Galactus fan, though the big guy does claim a special place in my heart.  The comic did help inform my collecting tastes & habits even at the young age of 6 years old.

I talk a little bit about this in the latest episode of I'm the Gun, which you can download HERE.  I'll also, of course, be recapping the issue, and providing images below.

Shattered thought spheres prove the situation is dire on Taa
I'm really curious about other collectors' 1st comics, and how their collections & tastes have been influenced by them, so please let me know!  Leave a comment below or email me at

Also, please check out previous episodes of I'm the Gun on iTunes.

Theme created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran.

My introduction to 'Kirby Krackle'

The birth of Galactus by Byrne?

The Watcher picks an opportune time to adhere to his 'observe only' mandate

What super-geniuses fire on Galactus?

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