Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shanna Showcase 8: Daredevil #117 (Jan. 1975) & Spidey Super Stories #14 (Dec. 1975 )

This time out, I'm the Gun takes a look at a couple of oddball single issues, which is a nice change of pace after Shanna's involvement in the multi-part Black Spectre Saga.

1st up, we get some Widow on She-Devil action in Daredevil #117 (Jan. 1975), as in order to save Daredevil's life, the Black Widow is forced to kidnap Shanna.  This isn't going to go well for someone, and my money's on villain of the issue, The Owl.

Shanna next appears in Spidey Super Stories #14 (Dec. 1975), teaming up with Spider-Man to take down an animal kidnapper in this story aimed at younger readers.

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Shanna v. The Black Widow - in sexy silhouette

Tough, gorgeous and a brilliant actress - Shanna fools the Owl

Dr. O'Hara sheds her lab coat, and leaps over the crowd

Building up Spider-Man's self-esteem, one sarcastic comment at a time

Swinging & kicking her way to victory over The Trapper

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