Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shanna Showcase: Daredevil #109 & Marvel Two-In-One #3 (May 1974)

Shanna Showcase returns with a look at Daredevil #109 & Marvel Two-In-One #3, which kicks off a new set of adventures for Shanna the She-Devil!

Learn the fate of Shanna's missing father!  Hiss at super-baddies The Beetle, Nekra and The Black Spectre Organization!  Witness the worst 1st date in the history of 1st dates!

Dowload the episode HERE!

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Nice 2-page spread detailing DD's costume & billy club
Uncle Robert can't hold onto his cigar as Shanna enters

The 'play' that must be seen to be believed - Matt & Candace experience the worst 1st date in the history of 1st dates
Them created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran.

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