Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shanna Showcase Podcast: Shanna the She-Devil #s 4 - 5 (1973)

Listen as I breeze through the final 2 issues of Shanna the She-Devil's too short-lived solo series!  Shake in fear of the new villains Mandrill and Nekra, and marvel at some gorgeous Ross Andru/Vince Colletta artwork below!

Download here

Also - I'm the Gun is now on iTunes, so check out the infant episodes of the series there!

Theme created using a sample of 'Shotgun' by Duran Duran.

Shanna - not a big fan of face tattoos

Beautiful Ross Andru/Vince Colletta page - Shanna in pursuit


Odd 2 page sequence - the Jakuna Singh Comedy Hour


GomessQ said...

Disagree with the feedback, your podcast doesn't suck at all! I certainly appreciated the Million Dollar Man reference.

So I'm hoping you still have Shanna #5 knocking about somewhere, because I'm super curious about those "missing years" of the X-Men and wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing a bit more about Xavier's appearance therein? Does he mention any of the X-Men at all?


Mark Sweeney said...

Thanks for the feedback, GomessQ! Ted Dibiase was absolutely one of my favorite WWE stars - loved the attitude and swagger he brought to the squared circle!

In his neat cameo in Shanna #5, Professor X was presented solely as an expert on mutants - no mention was made of his connection to the X-Men, though I'm sure his association with the team needed no explanation to many reading the book at the time.

Writer Steve Gerber, along with Steve Englehart, championed the X-Men in the early 70s while the mutants were 'between engagements' and had them pop up in the various titles they wrote. This helped keep the X-Men in peoples' minds before they blew up a year or two later.

Thanks for listening!

GomessQ said...

Thanks for your illuminating reply! As I said the "missing years" are an endless source of fascination for me, particularly the baffling decision to return the X-Men to their old "yellow bib" uniforms.

Take care! *DiBiase laugh*