Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ms. Tree Theatre: Murder Cruise! Ms. Tree #s 47-48 (Aug-Nov 1988)

Ms. Tree Theatre is back to bask in the dying glow of late summer!  To celebrate a great season, join Max Allan Collins' & Terry Beatty's iconic indie comics private eye on a Carribbean cruise -- I know, I know, this is Ms. Tree we're talking about: sharp wit, lots of violence, great hairstyle -- why don't we call it what it is -- a 'Murder Cruise!'

25-ish minutes of recap & commentary await, if you:

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Music used in this episode: 'Sea Cruise' by Herman's Hermits/'Theme From Ms. Tree' by Cruisin'

An idyllic St. Lucia scene - if not for that dead body, there . . .

Ms. Tree gets right to the point

Masquerade dance party - with guests like Tintin & Wild Dog getting down

The third color used effectively to depict flashback

The top of Blackbeard's tower - literally breathtaking!

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